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SANIBOXER diaphragm pneumatic pumps have been designed and manufactured for pumping liquids with apparent viscosity from 1 to 15.000 cps at 20°C (see installation type).


SANITARY DIAPHRAGM PUMP for handling food and pharmaceutical fluids.


Their constructive principle makes them especially suitable for heavy applications with a lot of humidity or in a potentially explosive environment (ATEX certification).


3A certified, made with mechanically polished Aisi316 L, the SANIBOXER pump is designed for the Food-Processing,Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical industry.


The SANIBOXER diaphragm pumps consist of a centrally lodged coaxial pneumatic motor with diaphragms fixed to

its shaft.

The ball valves and the seats of the suction and delivery lines are located on the ends of the two pump bodies.

The compressed air injected by the coaxial exchanger behind one of the two diaphragms determines the compression and pushes the product in the delivery line.

At the same time the diaphragm, integral with the exchanger’s shaft, creates a depression while sucking the fluid.

Once the run is completed, the pneumatic coaxial exchanger deviates the compressed air behind the opposite diaphragm and the cycle reverses automatically.






Made in Aisi316 mechanically polished (roughness < 0,8µm)

The surfaces, as smooth as a millpond, the absence of grooves where fluid’s residues could deposit, allow an easy cleaning of the pump and prevent the consequent formation of bacteria, essential requirement in order to achieve the 3A certification.

EASY-CLEAN VALVE Patent system

The valve’s especial shape locks the sphere and at the same time prevents the formation of fluid’s residues, allowing an easy cleaning.


Diaphragms made of PTFE with EPDM support.

Special “hygienic” design, without fixing nut, this profile avoids residues’ deposit and make its cleaning easier.

OPTIONALS – Diaphragms’ control unit

This system, that can be combined with SANIBOXER diaphragm pumps, provides a self-diagnosis of contacts and of the circuit’s correct functioning. In case of malfunction the red warning light comes always on and, depending on the anomaly, also the acoustic signal will activate.


The control unit functions only during the pumping of conductive liquids; it detects the diaphragms’ breaking through some contacts positioned behind the diaphragms inside the compression chamber. The presence of liquid between the two sensors causes the closing of the electric circuit placed in the control unit and the consequent commutation of the outlet relay, de-activating in this way the solenoid valve which controls the pump, locking its functioning and activating a visual and an acoustic alarm.




Pumps for chemical, textile, food, environment, graphic, leather tanning, ceramic, electronic, galvanic, paint, biodiesel and other industries



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